Jan 24, 2013

Waiting for my punishment

The amazing thing with ePublishing is you can republish your works as easily, if not easier than the first time.   I have decided to pull my work from the digital shelves until they can be overhauled and looked through with a fine tooth comb.  And not my comb.

That said, they have been pulled or are being pulled from all retailers through my distribution channels.  I hope to have them tidied and cleaned up within a couple of weeks.

If you have already purchased any of my works, please contact me via email (sir at ericbomstad.com and I will provide you with coupon to update your book or books, plus give you one when I release my next book for free.  A thank you for taking a chance on me.

Eric Bomstad

Jan 20, 2013

Did I Bite Off Too Much?

Over the last year I've been writing a blog on a private site and sharing some of my writing with them.  Other members of that site are mostly responsible for me stretching out and deciding to publish my stories.  For which I am eternally grateful.  (No, don't ask, it's private!)

A couple of times we have done collaborations on each others blogs, splitting up parts of a story into a chain of bloggers until we end up with a pretty hot and entertaining story.

Being the extremist that I am, I figured I might take it a step further and created a group, again within that site, for erotica writers to share ideas, concepts, challenges and tips on publishing.

But, that wasn't quite enough for me.  My masochist side got the better of me.  I just had to go and decide to something on a much larger and grander scale.  Yup, I created an  Erotica Writers Group out here in the real world and a number of private site members are venturing out here with me to work on a collaborative project.

If I wasn't such a Dom, I would say I should be flogged, but that probably would not do any good.  I would just take the whip and turn it around on the flogger and make them beg for more before I was done.  It's just my nature.  No lesson for me there.  Sigh.

Now, if you have any interest in erotica writing, even stuff that doesn't have rope, blindfolds and other toys, I might suggest that you at least take a look at the site.   It has some interesting things going for it aside from assisting with collaboration projects, such as a discussion forum, and question/answer/voting area.  A few links to other resources that I'm sure will build over time, but it has to have to start somewhere.

So here is the link, indulge yourself.  The Eric Bomstad Erotica Writers Group.

Jan 16, 2013

Domdar for submissives?

Many authors claim that they put their characters into a scenario and just record what they do.  I do much the same with only slight nudges here and there to have them go in the general direction I want.  

Tonight, as I was working on my next work, Branching Out, my main protagonist MC was starting to get a little introspective.  He was wondering how he came to be placed in these various situations, what was it about him that attracted a submissive to him. Was there some kind of domdar for submissives similar to gaydar?  Did he emit some potent pheromone?  Luckily, a super hot naked man interrupted him by kneeling before him and the story was able to move on.

Unfortunately, I'm not so lucky, I don't have a kneeling man or woman, for that matter, to take my mind off the topic.

I have yet to find someone that I would even consider giving the gift of my submission.  It is not a trust issue; there are many people that I could trust.  Although trust is a huge component, if not indeed the most vital, there are other attributes that are important as well.

Presence, I think is one of those factors.  A person would just need to command my attention without words.  Somewhere deep inside I would have to feel the need to do things to please them.  Presence is, of course, a combination of many factors, confidence, attitude, and maybe even presentation.

There has to be more to it and for the life of me tonight, I am unable to capture them.

I would love to see some comments from folks on what they consider vital qualities or characteristics of a person for which they would be willing to become submissive.

Jan 8, 2013

Seriously Pissed!

As a new self published indie writer, I have to say that the entire effort around self marketing my work is indeed quite a challenge.  Being in a niche within a niche is interesting; that is writing bisexual Dom/sub erotica probably has a pretty narrow immediate appeal.  I love that challenge.

They are erotica, they have elements of love and romance, and they have some graphic sex in them.  Frankly, I think they are also have a reasonable plot.

In trying to promote my books, one of the tasks that I am trying to do is have some reviews done.  I've run them all past a test network of readers and have been given some really good feedback.  Well, to be honest, they are the ones that pushed me into publishing them in the first place.

Now, the marketing and self promotion is not pissing me off, but as I go through reviewer criteria I keep running into the 'indie author' clause.
"We love indie authors, we really do!  But if you have not had your work edited professionally, we probably won't even look at it.  Buzz, next!"
I get it, I really do.  Unfortunately, there are way too many fly by night indie wanna be writers that are just that.  Wanna be, or wanna cash in on the 50 shades craze.   And they just didn't do a good job.  Really bad writing, worse grammar, and atrocious proof reading, if any.  Damn, if they are not over charging too!

I certainly can't blame reviewers.  I've read a few books and the minute I run into a really badly worded, or horribly incorrect sentence, it blows the whole book.  No matter how good it is, it can take you right out of the mood, emotion or scene.

I know that I have at least two errors in one of my books that I should have caught.  But I didn't.  Yet, no one that has read them has commented on finding them yet, none of my 'beta' readers, so they are pretty slight.  And I know that my test readers would tell me because I have asked and none of them are family; well blood related family.  For that matter, I've found similar errors in big book house publications as well.

So I am seriously pissed by all the hacks out there that have left such a bad taste in so many readers mouths or minds that the reader thinks twice about even purchasing books from indie writers.  Unfortunately, I can't change what has gone on in the past and by no means can I affect what dumb asses will do in the future.  All I can really hope to do is influence folks into giving my work a shot.

That leaves me back to the beginning of the circle.  I just need to find some reviewers that will take a chance.  Pssst, if you are one, please let me know!

BTW, I do actually have a review of one of my books so far.  You can find it on Goodreads here.

Until next time,

Take Some!

In my younger days, I would never have thought twice about it.  Probably never even considered that many of the things that I did were pushing the boundaries of being safe or acceptable.  Well, ok, some things anyways.

But now, as I'm older and wiser and more mature I realize that I haven't taken any real chances in a long time.  As a consultant, it is just one of those calculated risks that I can be out of the revenue stream for some period of time and it's a risk I just plan against.  So it's not really taking a chance.

Seven or so years ago, I was subject to a merged company that downsized it's workforce.  Wasn't a bad thing at the time, nice package, gave me time to look around and see what I wanted to do.  It was then that I started my first novel.  Not the stories that I have published, but a real full size main stream novel.  It was about the time when ePublishing was just starting to get off the ground and I thought, what the heck, give this a shot, you've got the funds to sit around for a while, go for it.

So I started writing, and in the course of about six week, wrote about 45 thousand words for the story and probably another 10 thousand as background, character development, story line, plot, etc.  I was planning out a wonderful set of murder mysteries.

And then came the first consultant job offer.  The money was too good to turn down, it was safe, it was for a good length of time, and did I mention the money was good.  So the book sat on the back burner.  Every couple of months, I would take a look at it but for some reason or another just never picked it up again.  And that was seven years ago.

But recently, I've had a few friends tempt me into writing some short stories which I then turned into novellas.  They thought they were good, so I published them.

And here I am, I guess taking a chance with them.  They are certainly not mainstream, hell they are even niche when it comes to erotica.  I highly doubt that I'll be buying any country homes from these works.  But, then again, I've seen some other writers in the erotica field that seem to be doing quite well.

So, I'm taking a chance.  And I've found, that I like it.  I once again feel like I'm doing something totally in my control, something that will reward me, not just with a few dollars, but with the personal satisfaction of doing something that isn't so safe, isn't so predictable.

I should probably black out one of the tabs in the photo because I took at least one.  And I'm looking hard a taking some more.

If you are thinking about it for even a fraction of a second, just go ahead and do it!   Because, like me, I am sure you don't want to look back on your life and say why didn't I?